Center for Disability Access and Resources (CeDAR)


The Center for Disability Access and Resources provide services and academic accommodations for students of all backgrounds on campus with documented physical, psychological and learning disabilities. Not only do we advocate for our participants, but we encourage them to become their own advocates as well.

We empower our participants by (1) being a Disability Resource Center. This function provides supportive services to students with disabilities to enhance their skills for personal, academic, and professional growth. Our primary mission is to provide enriching support programs, services, and reasonable accommodations as mandated by law to FAMU students with disabilities. Our enhanced resources beyond the mandated reasonable accommodations is what distinguishes this center from those at other HBCU’s and makes us the leader in disability service provision. The services include but are not limited to Academic Accommodations, Assistive Technology, Mobility Van Service, Academic Advising, Course Registration Assistance, Tutoring for Barrier Courses, Scholarships, and Internships.
We empower our participants by (2) providing Educational Assessment. This function serves as a non-profit assessment center for individuals experiencing scholastic difficulties due to a suspected learning disability or attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder. Additionally, it serves to provide a revenue stream to support the programs and activities of the CeDAR.
We serve the FAMU community by (3) providing Disability Awareness, Advocacy, & Education- This function promotes the essential goal of the CeDAR, which is to ensure that students with disabilities enjoy all of the benefits of and have access to, the programs, opportunities, and activities afforded to all FAMU students. This function also serves to promote our mission to educate students of their rights and responsibilities, as well as, work to strengthen inclusive attitudes throughout the campus community.
We at the CeDAR, and the entire FAMU community, welcome and embrace all students. It is our hope that you will release any negative beliefs you hold about your disability. Do not think of your disability as a “road block” from reaching your goals, but rather a “Road Map” to your life’s purpose. Do not consider the disability as “your burden”, but rather “Your Breakthrough”; because you have discovered early in life your strengths and weaknesses and already know what you need to be successful. For some, it may take a lifetime to figure this out. Lastly, do not be “embarrassed” by your disability “Be Empowered”. Empower yourself with the tools, resources, and services designed to benefit you.

Deborah Sullivan
Florida A & M University
Center for Disability Access and Resources

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